The Mexican culture has gone through a lot of transformation for the past few years and this varies extensively all over the country. Most of the Mexicans are living in the cities but smaller communities in the rural areas still have a strong role when it comes to defining the vibrant collective community of the country.

Values of Mexican People

The Mexicans put high value on structure and hierarchy in family and business matters. Particularly outside of the cities, the families are usually large and the Mexicans are conscious of their responsibilities they have to their immediate family members and even extended family, including cousins and close friends.

Being the host of house parties play a big part in the lives of Mexicans and making their visitors feel comfortable is a big part of the customers and values of the country.

Mexican Music, Literature and Art

Embroidered cotton garments, clay pottery, outer garments and wool shawls with angular designs, rugs and colorful baskets are among the most common items that are associated with the Mexican folk art. Mexico is also closely related with Mariachi folk music style. With its origins traced back in southern part of Jalisco state sometime during the 19th century, this involves a group of musicians that play guitars, violins, trumpets, basses and vihuelas, a kind of 5-string guitar. They also wear charro suits that are studded with silver paired with elaborate hats. La Curacha is a famous Mariachi staple. Diego Rivery and Frida Kahlo are two of the most famous Mexican artists, with their paintings showcasing the vibrant depictions and colors of the Mexican life.

Mexican Cuisine

The culinary norms in Mexico vary widely depending on the social class and income level. The diet of the working class of Mexicans is composed of staples include wheat or corn tortillas together with beans, tomatoes, rice, chili peppers and the chorizo, which is a kind of pork sausage. The empanadas that are handheld pasty pockets usually contain some sweet and savory fillings. Most of the Mexicans love the spicy foods that are full of heat.

On the other hand, the diets of the upper and middle income Mexicans are almost the same with the diets of European and Americans, including an extensive variety of different food items that are prepared in numerous culinary styles.

Mexico is also famous for its tequila that is made using agave cactus, a well suited plant to central Mexico’s climate. Soda is also a famous Mexican drink since the country has a wonderfully developed beverage industry.

Celebrations and Holidays

A major holiday in Mexico is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is being celebrated every 12th of December. It is a celebration of the appearance of Virgin Mary to an Indian man during the initial years of the Spanish rule. She is considered as the country’s patron saint.

Celebrated every 2nd of November, the Day of the Dead is the day that is set aside for remembering and honoring the ones who passed away. Carnival is being celebrated as well in a lot of communities all over Mexico for marking the period before the Lent season.

The Independence Day that marks the separation of the country from Spain in 1810 is being celebrated on the 16th of September. Cinco de Mayo, marking the Mexican military victory in 1982 over the French, is more extensively celebrated in the US than it is in the country of Mexico. 

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