General questions

Why DateMexicanas.com and not other dating site?

DateMexicanas.com is the only FREE Mexican dating website, thanks to DateVIP.com. It is very simple to use, just create a profile under 30 seconds, add a photo and start chatting to our online members. However, other websites are in this to make a profit. They complicate the life of dating by gifts, ice breakers, winks, kisses, pokes, nudges and much more. Other sites charge a lot of money to sign up and use their services, ranging from ~$100 to $1000 plus, a year.

Do I need to pay to use the site?

Absolutely not. DateVIP.com provides all the sites for free. DateMexicanas.com is 100% free and all features are free to use. No payments are required.

I already have a profile in another dating site, why join DateMexicanas.com?

That is great, we highly recommend you to join as many dating sites as possible. This way you increase your chances of meeting the right person(s) faster. Joining DateMexicanas.com is totally your choice, we hope you enjoy our 100% free site. Happy dating!

How can I know if the profiles are fake or real?

Only time tells. It is not easy to know the true intentions of each member. We simply provide a venue for people who are keen in dating or more. However, we do monitor the site 24/7 and if we see any suspicious profile, it will be suspended instantly. Whenever, you see an inappropriate/fake profile please click on "Report User", one of the administrators will investigate it and appropriate action will be taken.

Why is my profile blocked?

An administrator will suspend your profile due to one or more of the following reasons: 1. Indecent photos, 2. Inappropriate messages to other members, 3. Inappropriate content on your profile or blog comments, 4. Reported by few members for abuse, 5. Fake profile or false information. Duplicated profile

How can I unblock my profile?

To unblock your profile you need to verify yourself. In order to verify that you are the owner of the photos, please send admin a copy of your identification along with few recent photos. Alternatively you can send a photo of yourself holding up a "DateVIP.com" sign. You have 30 days to verify yourself, failing to do so may result in the termination of your account. sign

How do I verify my profile and get the badge?

There are 2 ways to get your profile verified: 1. Send us a photo of yourself holding a "DateVIP.com" sign, or 2. Send 2 copies of your recent identifications.

What is "Promote Profile"?

This is a free site, all features are free to use. However, if you wish to stand out from the crowd then you can upgrade your profile. Simply hover over "My Profile" and select "Promote Profile", follow the instructions and pay via PayPal. Why would you want to Promote your profile? 1. Your profile will be shown on top of each page. 2. Your profile will be highlighted and will attract other members' attention. 3. No more ads will be shown. 4. Due to your high exposure your likes and messages will grow exponentially.

Manage photos

How can I upload my photos?

Hover over "My profile" at the top of your page. Then click on "Manage photos". Use the "Upload a photo" to upload a photo from your device or click on "Add Facebook photos" button to upload photos from your Facebook albums. Please pay close attention to the photo guidelines noted under the "Manage photos" page.

How many photos can i upload in my profile?

Go to "Manage photos" and upload up to 15 photos. Please follow the guidelines listed at the bottom of the page.

Why do i need to upload my photos?

We highly recommend our members to upload more than one recent photos. It has been proven that a profile with photos is viewed by other members and a profile with no photo is neglected. It is not compulsory to upload your photos however other members need to know who they are talking to. So upload a photo now and enjoy your time.

Account Settings

How can I change my password?

Hover over "My profile" on the top of the page and click on "Account settings". On the left hand side you will see "Password change".

When do I receive activity notification emails?

Hover over "My profile" and click on "Account settings" then on the right hand side of the page you will see a section called "Activity announcement". Tick a box to receive a notification email, or un-tick to stop emails. While you are online you can tick "Allow message sound" to notify you of the messages you receive.

How can I change my email?

Hover over "My profile" and click on "Account settings", in the middle of the page you can see "Change email". Enter the new email and your profile/account will be associated with the that new email.

How can I delete my account/profile?

Hover over "My profile" and click on "Account settings", at the bottom of the page you can see "terminate account". Just enter your password and click on the green "Terminate" button. Your profile will be wiped out from the system and no record of your account will be recoverable.

I forgot my password, how can I login again?

Click on "Forgot your password" link which is located on the Login pop up in the Mainpage. A page will appear asking for your email. Once you submit your email, you will automatically receive an email with a new password.

Privacy and Security

Is this a secure site?

Yes. You may verify that your browser is in a secure mode by checking the padlock icon in your browser's status bar. In addition to that, please check the SSL certificate and website protection seals at the bottom of the page.

Can anyone access my personal details?

No. Your privacy is preserved by us as long as you communicate through our site. All your personal information is confidential and we do not reveal it to a third party. However, you can share your contact details with other members, if you choose to do so.

Can a third party view the messages I send to other members?

Absolutely not. The messages sent or any other activity on this site is 100% safe and private.

Should I send my contact details to a member?

It is up to you to disclose your personal/contact details to a member or not. We highly recommend you to use our messaging system until you completely feel comfortable in giving out your details. Be smart, get to know the member in our same and secure site and move on from here.

My page

What does News Feed show on my page?

News feed keeps you up to date with the recent activities of other members. You can see who has joined DateMexicanas.com recently, who liked you, who added you to their favourites, who messaged you, who viewed your profile, who sent you a gift, who updated their profile or photos and a reminder about your upcoming event. You will also receive promotions and advertising from DateVip.com or DateMexicanas.com.

I don't wish my profile to be visible while I am online, how can I appear offline?

In order for your profile not to be shown online, go to "My page" on the left hand side next to your photo, change your status to Away. This way you can be a ghost and you appear offline.

Is there a quick way to search for members?

Yes on "My page" just below the News feed box, simply click on the green Search button and let the fun begin!

Where can I get my Profile ID?

Go to you member page by clicking on "My page" on top of the page. Your profile ID is shown on the top left hand side of the page, just under your name and status.

What is "My calendar"?

If you have a date, interview, meeting or a reminder you can note this in your calendar. You will receive an email 24 hours prior to that event so you do not miss it. My calendar is the orange button on every member's profile. Any information you enter in your calendar is private and seen only by your eyes. The number of events will be shown on the left hand side of your "Member page".


How many different ways can I contact a member?

There are five different ways of showing your interest to a member. Once you are on their profile or hovering over their profile photo on a search page you will see a list of buttons. You can message, like, add to favorites, send a gift or simply view their profile. If you view a member's profile, they will be notified of your visit to their page.

How can I know who has liked me?

There are two ways to see who liked your profile. First, is by hovering over "Activities" and clicking on "Likes me", or by clicking on "I like" to view the list of members you have liked. Secondly, click on "My page" and on the left hand side of your member page you will see "Liked me" with a heart icon next to it.

How do I know who has added me to their favorite list?

Click on "My page" and then click on the "News feed" link. From the News feed page you can find out the number of users who have added you to their favorites list.

How do I check the gifts I have received from other members?

Hover over "Activities" on top of te page and click on "My Gifts". You will see the list of all gifts that were sent out to you.

How do I see the list of members who viewed my profile?

You can do this by hovering over the "Activities" and clicking on "Visited my profile". Another way is to click on "My Page" and on the left hand side you will see "Visited me" with an icon of an eye next to it.


What is The difference between Quick and Advance searches?

By using Quick search, you can do a basic search based on the member's name, profile ID, age, country and photos. Whereas, Advanced search is more detailed and you can specify exactly what you are looking for in a person. Hover over "Search" on top of the page and click on the desired search system.

What is the Most popular page?

Most popular search lists the users who are the top 20% with the most profile views.

What is "Who's new" search?

Who's new search page lists the members who have joined within a month. The profile will be removed from this search page after 32 days of registration.

What is customized search?

Customized search helps you create and save your own tailored search for easier access in future, it is similar to Advanced search. Hover "Search" on top of the page and click on "Customized search".

Messaging members

Can I chat online with the members?

Yes. Instant messaging can be done by clicking the green "Message him/her" button found on each member's profile. A pop up will appear called "instant Messages", here you can chat live with any member you are interested in.

How can I stop a member from contacting me?

Simply go to their profile page and click on "Block him/her" on the right hand side of the page, next to their photo. That member will no longer be able to contact you by sending messages, gifts and will not be able to like you or add you to their favorites list.

Can I report an inappropriate member?

Yes please do. You can do this by going to the member's profile and on the right hand side of the page click on "Report User". Please fill in the form and choose the nature of abuse, our moderators will investigate the matter within 24 hours.

Complete the registration

In order to have full access to all features in site, please complete the registration.

Complete registration

Blocked user

You are blocked by administration. Contact us to get details.

Blocked user

Blocked user

You can't contact this member, either you have blocked them or they don't wish to be contacted by you.

Blocked user